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AI Patents – Bringing Search to a Whole New level

Posted by: In: Uncategorized 02 Apr 2013 Comments: 0

Imagine you’ve developed a new and improved bicycle. It is going to revolutionize the cycling industry and you want to protect your idea with a patent. You decide to run a search on the Internet to determine if anyone else has a patent on this technology. You search for hours and, luckily, you don’t find any patents that claim your invention. So, you scrape together a few thousand dollars and file your patent application.

A few months later, you get a letter from the Patent Office. The examiner has found a reference that exactly covers your invention! But, instead of using the word “bicycle”, the referenced patent calls the device a “two-pedaled transportation device”. How could you possibly have thought to search for a “two-pedaled transportation device”? Nobody calls a bike a “two-pedaled transportation device”! Now, you worry you may not be able to get a patent and you’ve wasted thousands of dollars on filing a useless application.

If only there was a search engine that could connect ideas and keywords so you would have found that “two-pedaled transportation device” patent! Enter Artificial Intelligence Patents. AI Patents has developed the next-generation patent search engine. It is the most advanced patent search engine available, allowing you to search not only for keywords, but also for concepts. The engine learns from the experts – the patent examiners themselves – to make the connections between words and ideas. By tying together examiners’ rejections and patent applications, AI Patents can find that “two-pedaled transportation device” patent even if the user doesn’t search that particular phrase.

AI Patents makes your search life easier and provides the added security of knowing the money you spent filing your patent application, was money was well spent. Even the most novice patent searcher can find relevant results quickly. All you have to do is describe it, find it, fast!

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