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Business Development

Posted by: 23 Mar 2013

In the past two years, the number of patent lawsuits have almost doubled, unheard of patent transactions have taken place from the likes of Google’s $12.5 billion patent play purchase of Motorola Mobility and Nortel Network’s $4.5 billion patent sale, and patent prosecution is on the rise +10.7% internationally and 8% domestically from 2010-2011. As Robert Heath, the head of corporate development at RPX Corporation has stated, “Patents have historically been a small, private and illiquid asset. Now you have money piling in from all kinds of sources.” Accordingly, companies beyond those patent powerhouses like IBM and Samsung now are beginning to understand the importance of patents; consequently, the entire marketplace has begun to realize they need the tools to be able to effectively access, retrieve, and make sense of publicly disclosed patent literature.


Envisioned uses within Business Development:

  • Identifying novelty, or value, of a patent acquisition opportunity that is sent your way
  • Determining how to solve a business unit’s technical issues, from manufacturing needs to consumer insight needs
  • Finding the most likely licensing candidates when you are trying to monetize your non-core patents assets