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Posted by: 12 Feb 2013

While many corporations and law firms outsource their patent searches to patent research firms, there is still a large percentage of patent attorneys that perform at least partial searches themselves and/or have their Technical Specialists and Patent Engineers perform the searches in-house. Having used the subscription-based tools in the marketplace over the last several years, there really exists no patent search engine that:

1) simplifies the search input process,
2) technically supplements one’s searches with similarly related technical terminology, and
3) ranks the results according to relevancy.

By having the most relevant prior art outputted to a patent attorney in the shortest amount of time, he or she can make better decisions on how to draft an application’s claims and on which references to use in invalidating another patent’s claims. By reducing the search time overall to achieve higher quality references, patent attorneys can spend more meaningful time on the analysis and drafting of legal responses; in turn, this will ultimately provide better outcomes on prosecution, litigation, and licensing fronts.