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Say goodbye to the old-school, cumbersome syntax-driven methods of searching. You can input your ideas in your own words, copy and paste patent claims, or upload entire invention disclosures.



We rank the results according to relevancy, ultimately saving your organization both time and money. In just a few search queries, you'll be armed with a good sense of any patent or product landscape.


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Our patent-pending approach allows for more comprehensive results to be uncovered by our engine. No other semantic search engine has access to our innovative technical dictionary.


  • Innovation Manager, RTI International
    ”Our needs required special manufacturing techniques. We used your software to identify alternative applications for porous aperture plates with a pore size between 1 and 5 microns. Using the list of alternative applications we were able to identify companies making comparable products. This led us to several potential manufacturing partners."
  • Steve Friedman, Partner
    “AI Patents helped us understand the competitive landscape better than any search we'd done before. It was fast and efficient and the results were incredibly relevant to the work that we were doing. I would highly recommend their product and will use them again.”