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Standards and SEPs identification

AI Patents for SEPs Identification

Find Out How SEP Identification
Becomes Easy And Fast




Are you approached by licensors or a patent pool for paying royalties for SEPs and want to improve your negotiation position?

We have a way to help you…

AI Patents helps implementers to identify:

  • Potential SEPs for acquisition as defense in licensing negotiations or litigations

  • Potential SEPs or Commercially Essential Patents in your own portfolio for defensive use in license negotiations or litigations

  • Prior art to invalidate SEPs in litigations, Inter Parties Reviews, Oppositions, or use in license negotiations

  • Non-essential patents in your own portfolio that are likely infringed by a product of a company asserting / litigating SEPs for infringement by your products




You want to set up a licensing program or to participate in a patent pool for a standard and have to identify standard-essential patents (SEPs) in your own portfolio or you are already licensing your SEPs but want to strengthen your SEP portfolio?

We have a way to help you…

AI Patents helps licensors to identify:

  • Potential (additional) SEPs in your own portfolio

  • Potential SEPs in third party patent portfolios as acquisition targets to strengthen own SEP portfolio

  • Commercially Essential Patents in own/third party patent portfolios

  • Identify potential SEPs in patent portfolios of licensing target companies in preparation of
    licensing negotiations

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Our Approach

Our Strengths


AI Patents offers the unique combination of advanced search capabilities with domain expertise in the field of standard essential patents and standard-based licensing.


We are flexible in our way of working to create value for you in the most efficient and effective way

AIP and Peters IP Consultancy BV

Unique Partnership between AIP and Peters IP Consultancy BV who brings domain expertise around standards, SEPs.

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Proven search technology, approved by patent offices
and integrators, brings a unique approach for
documents’ search.

AI Patents

Deep expertise and experience in SEPs and standards-based licensing. Leading role in the debate about SEP licensing policies in Europe.

Peters IP Consultancy
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