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AI Patents - Evidence of Use

AI Patents supports companies in finding EoU

AI Patents can support you in finding EoU for different purposes:


You are looking for possible infringements of your patents by a particular product of a competitor (for example to counter-assert, counter-sue)


You want to know possible infringements of your patents by multiple/all products of a competitor (for example as preparation for cross-license negotiations)


You are looking for possible infringements of your patents by a category of products of several or all of your competitors (for example to identify licensing-out opportunities)

patent (1).png

In principle, AI Patents can run your patents against any collection of product descriptions for whatever purpose you may have

AI Patents supports companies in finding EoU

The description of a product/technology can be a short description made by the customer, a product manual, a webpage, a scientific article or any other type of document 


Use a description of a product/technology of a competitor company as a database


AI Patents conducts a search using the full own patent portfolio against this description


Results provide ranking of patents based on relevancy to the input description


Company use results to identify likely infringed patents by a competitor

Case study 1:
EoU based on competitor’s product description

1. In the following example, we use a competitor’s product description. This case presents Fonepal product of IBM.

2. The goal is to find our patents which read on the competitor product using the product description free-text. 

IBM’s Fonepal Product Description
Results of the search


1. Not surprising, IBM’s patents at the top.

2. Additionally, patents of AT&T, Microsoft and other companies were found relevant, and which require further investigation.

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