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AI Patents for SEPs Identification

Find Out How SEP Identification
Becomes Easy And Fast




You want to set up a licensing program or to participate in a patent pool for a standard and have to identify standard-essential patents (SEPs) in your own portfolio or you are already licensing your SEPs but want to strengthen your SEP portfolio?

We have a way to help you…

AI Patents helps licensors to identify:

  • Potential (additional) SEPs in your own portfolio

  • Potential SEPs in third party patent portfolios as acquisition targets to strengthen own SEP portfolio

  • Commercially Essential Patents in own/third party patent portfolios

  • Identify potential SEPs in patent portfolios of licensing target companies in preparation of
    licensing negotiations


Searching for potentially essential patents in your own- or third-party patent portfolios is a resource intensive and time-consuming
exercise. AI Patents can help you to make this task significantly lighter and faster with its proven approach based on its unique and
advanced search platform.


We offer a generic solution that can identify potential SEPs in your patent portfolio, even beyond the patents which you may have already submitted as declared SEPs. We only need the text of a standard and your patent portfolio. Likewise for identifying potential
SEPs in third party patent portfolios we do not need to start from their declared SEPs in a standard body’s database but only need their patent portfolios. We, therefore, can find potential SEPs that other tools cannot find. We also don’t rely on any training data for our approach to provide initial results. We work with you to optimize these results to provide you with a weighted list of likely potential

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