Our Mission: Search Less - Discover More
Empower the innovation processes by a "pure" search approach in a way that is tailored to your needs and systems

"Turbo Patents has used the AIP's artificial intelligence software for over a year. The AIP technology is used as a core component of our analytic features in several of our commercial products. We have over 150 satisfied clients utilizing these features in their patenting efforts. Additionally, AIP's uptime and engineering support have been excellent".
James Billmaier - Founder/CEO TurboPatent Corporation and author of INVENTIONEERING.
An Advanced Long Text Search Engine
pure search, powered by AI
Research Made Simple

  • A unique NPL search approach for systematically analyzing long text documents and applying AI on top of that
  • Connect different types of documents: patents, literature, product information, etc.

Customized Easily for YOUR data and needs.

Can be customized to systematically analyze specific internal documents for managing internal knowledge for companies

Proven to work on other documents, not just patents

The same techniques that were applied in the patent space, can be applied in other domains to create your own search capabilities and dictionary.

News & Updates
Feb 2020
Signed subcontracting agreement with one of the leading global consulting companies to use AIP's search engine
Nov 2019
POC for using AIP's search engine to assess essentiality of patents for standards
July 2019
Collaboration established to bring AIP's technology to patent offices globally