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AIP - Platform for Big Data

Search Less - Discover More

Empower you with a "pure" search approach to make sense of your data

Success in connecting different types of documents.

AIP - with a unique partnership helps companies to asses essentiality of patents and capture value from their assets.

AIP helps small inventors and startups to assess new ideas

Our Services

Our unique approach to data allow our algorithms to deliver high-quality results when matching different types of data, even when there is no training set

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SEPs assessment 

AIP helps licensors to capture more value from their portfolio, identify patents for acquisition, and identify commercial SEPs patents.

Portfolio Analysis, Eou, Landscaping and more

AIP offers a suite of flexible services to assist companies in their IP management and innovation processes based on its unique search platform for systematically analyzing long text documents

Helping small inventors

Startups and small inventors needs to know more before making decisions. Bring quality data to small inventors and startups. Validation is a critical step, especially when you are price-sensitive.

Supported by Government

AIP won an award with the USPTO based on the quality of its search. 

Successfully tailored solution to our clients needs and become a partner to the innovation process.

Hedge Funds, Money Managers

Adding AIP's scores together with financial models that were built on top, we can help you improve your ALPHA.

AIP's search engine on your internal data

We can help you make your data searchable and connected.

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